Help Tracing

Help Tracing is a solution aimed at companies, industries, companies, associations and institutions; is designed and developed entirely by an Italian company and has the main objective of ensuring worker safety.

It is able to identify an employee in danger, control attendance, manage evacuations, allow access to restricted areas, detect immobility by sending alarms in case of illness or dangerous situation, it is also possible to detect body temperature and can be used to maintain social distancing and rebuild the contact network in case of contagion.

One device for worker safety


Help Tracing can identify whether an employee is in danger or has suffered an occupational injury.


With Help Tracing you can check that all employees are wearing safety devices (helmet, gloves, etc.).


Help Tracing allows you to control your employees’ access to certain parts of the company.


This solution allows to detect via GPS, where the company is most crowded, or where the possible contagion occurred.


Help Tracing emits sounds and vibrations in case of lack of social distance. Contact details are sent to the cloud for analysis by the security officer.


With Help Tracing, the head of security, can check if at certain times of the day you create gatherings.


Help Tracing allows you to verify the date and time when the App and the device were switched on and off.


The embedded device has a simple system for measuring the body temperature and evaluate the exceeding of the threshold of 37.5 C. transparencies.

A solution for companies, industries and institutions

Help Tracing is available in two formats: as an App to be installed on your phones and as an embedded device.

The App is available for Android smartphones and can be downloaded from Play Store.

The embedded device can be worn on the belt, neck, in comfortable armbands or inside a helmet.

Technical assistance


Our technicians are always available to offer telephone support to help you in case you have any doubts, questions or problems.

Our repair service is efficient, because if a device is found to be malfunctioning we will immediately replace it, without making the customer wait.

About us


Our company Zinformatica was born from the entrepreneurial idea of professionals operating for years in the IT sector; it offers services that concern the widest panorama of the IT sector including analysis and consultancy on IT systems, packaged or customized software solution and website realization.

Our CEO Matteo Zavattari thank the staff who worked hard to obtain in a short time a solution to be offered on the market:

  • Sarah Luraghi
  • Giada Furina
  • Davide Bassani


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