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Help Tracing Business

Help Tracing is an embedded device aimed at companies, industries, companies, associations, organizations that has as its main objective the safety of workers.

It’s able to identify an employee in distress, check attendance, manage evacuations, allow access to restricted areas, detect immobility by sending alarms in case of illness or dangerous situation, It can also be used to detect body temperature and can be used to maintain social distance and rebuild the network contacts in case of contagion.

The device can be worn on the belt, neck, arm and inside the protective helmets.

The company, through the web panel, of its private area, has the possibility to manage and view all the alarms.

Help Tracing is one of the most valid integrated systems that allows every company to ensure the monitoring of the safety of its employees, even in the case of dangerous and isolated work environments.

Technical features:


  • ABS plastic box
  • MKR VERSION : Dimensions 90 x 70 x 25 mm , 1 rechargeable lithium battery via micro usb ( 3.7V 2000mA Li-Po rechargeable battery )



  • Wi-fi connection

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