Fields of application

Help Tracing, sees many areas in which it can be applied, here are some examples.


Human Proximity is a solution aimed at industries and aims to help maintain social distance and rebuild the network of contacts. With regard to social distance, Help, thanks to its devices (Clip, arm band, work necklace), smartwatch and App, is able to signal, by means of an acoustic signal or vibration, if the distance range is exceeded.

Thanks to these functions, Help ensures the safety of employees in an industrial environment, both in production departments and administrative offices; In this way it is also possible to check when an operator suffers an accident at work and rescue him as quickly as possible.

It is also possible to verify that its employees comply with the rules of use of PPE (Personal Safety Devices), for example that, in a construction site, is constantly worn the helmet during work, or that their employees wear gloves and masks whenever necessary.


Help Tracing offers the possibility to maintain social distance and rebuilt the network of contacts even in the most common situations, such as in schools; in fact, in schools there is one of the highest rates of gathering, It is therefore necessary to provide ourselves with instruments capable of complying with the rules currently in force.

All this can be made possible thanks to our Embedded Devices / Smartwatch Help Tracing, which allow you to maintain the due distance between the benches during class hours, both during recreation to avoid an excessive gathering of students.

It’s available in fact a special version that, not only is able to help the social distance, also can send a report to the person in charge of security in case of a gathering situation


In the field of sports there are always and inevitably close contacts between people, so it is essential, in order to continue to train safely, have devices able to maintain social distance and rebuild the network of contacts, in compliance with the laws in force.

All this finds application thanks to our Help Tracing solution, which through the embedded devices and the app, can ensure, both a team training in total safety, for example through the arm band, and a total safety in the changing rooms, using, for example, our waterproof smartwatches.

In addition, it is possible to check before a workout or before entering the locker room, that the athletes are in suitable conditions and that their body temperature does not exceed the limit of 37.5°.


Unfortunately, nowadays hospitals remain one of the most dangerous environments for the safety of people, as those who work there are the most exposed to infectious diseases; For these reasons, it is necessary to ensure that operators maintain the necessary safety distances.

In order to put into practice the above mentioned, it is necessary to provide systems to report if operators do not meet the criteria of social distance or come into contact with infected subjects; a solution to keep the due distance, can be our Help Tracing product that, thanks to its Devices/ App, facilitates the maintenance of social distance.

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