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An important Varese industry has asked us to have a solution that can guarantee the safety of its employees in emergency cases and not only.

So we decided to propose our product Help Tracing, which is able, not only to maintain social distance, but also allows you to detect body temperature, control access to restricted areas, manage the evacuations and check that the employees bring all the necessary safety devices.
Help Tracing is available in three different forms: App, Embedded Device and Smartwatch; for convenience needs in this circumstance you opted for the Embedded Device in the belt clip version of 90 x 70 x 25 mm.

The clip allows you to work in total safety, but also efficiently, thanks to its excellent resistance and ease of use.
This solution is also equipped with a web interface, which has been able to ensure the owner of the company to view in real time the work of its workers, so as to verify that the latter were actually respecting the current safety standards and, in case of contagion, check where the contact occurred in order to isolate the area and protect the employees present at that time.

Our customer was satisfied with the solution we provided, as he managed to reopen his company in total safety and in compliance with the rules in force.